Video Tour of Android 4.0.3 on the Asus Transformer Prime

It’s finally here! Asus surprised Transformer Prime TF201 owners today with good news and bad news. The ‘bad’ is that an already updated version of the Transformer Prime TF700T with a 1920×1200 display and improved design will go into retail soon this year. The good: The current Transformer Prime got the green light for Android 4.0 and it is currently being pushed out to all TF201 owners. Enjoy the full video walkthrough!

Something interesting to note was the lack of two very distinct features of Android 4.0. First is face unlock: It’s nowhere to be found on the Transformer Prime’s version of ICS. Second is the ability to disable certain apps, like “App Backup” and “App Locker.” Asus preinstalls a few apps out the box, and a lot of these cannot be uninstalled like they could be on the Galaxy Nexus. Hm… Thoughts?

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