Vizio announces multiple Google TV based devices

Vizio is looking to step into the Google TV market, and has just announced a new set-top box running the OS. Known as the VAP430 Stream Player, it connects to TVs through HDMI, and has a pass through for other devices to connect to. It will feature a dual-sided remote, which includes a full QWERTY keyboard on one side. Pre-orders are expected sometime in spring, with a full launch in mid-year.

Vizio isn’t stopping there, and has a few more devices up its sleeve. The VBR430 Blu-ray player is just like its media-streaming brother, but adds a Blu-ray player to the mix. Also announced were a trio of TVs, and include 47-, 55-, and 65-inch VIA Internet Plus TVs with Google TV on board. Not as much information was available for these other devices, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. What do you think of Vizio’s attempt at the Google TV market? Is it already a lost cause? Let us know in the comments!

via Electronista

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