WiFi HTC Flyer starts to receive Honeycomb update

Late last year, the international version of the HTC Flyer started to receive its update to Honeycomb. While owners here in the States waited and watched, reports confirmed that the update to the tablets-specific update for the Flyer would be coming here in the States some time in the early part of 2012. New owner reports are coming in that the WiFi HTC Flyer is now getting that update.

The Android 3.2 Honeycomb update brings plenty of new features to the Flyer’s list, but most people are noticing right off hand the improved responsiveness. What’s more, the annoying wallpaper lag issue seems to be gone as well. As the morning continues, there are also some owners with the 3G version of the Flyer indicating that they, too, have received the Honeycomb update.

If you own one of the versions here in the States, let us know if you’ve got the update, and what you’ve noticed to be different.

via Android Central

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