Xbox Live coming to Android

An inside developer working for Microsoft has just revealed that Microsoft has plans to expand Xbox Live to multiple mobile operating systems, not just Windows Phone 7. More evidence appears as Microsoft just listed a job for a developers with experience on both iOS and Android. Many may recall that Microsoft recently launched a companion app for iOS that allowed the social experience, but excludes gaming. The job post now available is looking for mobile game developers, not just regular developers.

One of the main features Microsoft advertises about its mobile OS Windows Phone 7 is the fact that it is the only OS that offers true Xbox Live integration. By expanding to Android, they would lose that exclusivity. However, it is a smart move if Microsoft wants to compete in the ever growing mobile market. Hopefully we’ll see a new companion app for Android, but a full experience is what Microsoft needs to compete. How do you feel about Xbox Live on Android? Are there better alternatives? Let us know in the comments!

via Business Insider

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