ADzero is a bamboo Android phone

This is a new one: an Android phone featuring a back plate made of bamboo. And yes, we mean the wood. The phone was designed by a Middlesex University student, and is said to be very lightweight. It also features a unique camera flash that is actually built into the wood itself. On top of everything is a custom UI, adding to the wooden elements of the device. It is also worth noting that due to the wood, the texture on the back of the devices will not be identical in any two devices.

The phone initially launched in China, but may now be making its way to the US. It probably won’t find its way to a carrier though, and will most likely be sold through specialty shops. It’s good to see phones taking on new forms, and ones like this could really grow in popularity. We never know what we’ll see next, and that’s what makes this industry so great. Would you buy the ADzero? Would a wooden phone sell well? Let us know in the comments!

via TechCrunch

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