Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to be made by Foxconn, expected for a launch in May or June

Amazon rushed the first Kindle Fire to the market, and it ended up costing them more money up front than what they were selling it for. The tablet still turned into a massive success, and Amazon is planning a big sequel. This time they will be picking the parts (previous manufacturer Quanta did that on the original Fire) to lower costs, and will be switching manufacturers. The newest leak from China claims that Foxconn will be the manufacturer of choice this time, despite all of the bad publicity the company has been receiving due to worker suicides.

Expected for a May or June launch, the tablet could fix all the flaws of the original. First, it will probably include at least one camera, if not two. The original skipped on this, something even cheap knockoff tablets have. Hopefully a better screen will be on board as well, as the original’s was nothing special. Last, a newer version of Android is a must. What do you think will be updated for the Kindle 2? Do you think it will retain the same low $199 price point? Let us know in the comments!

via Unwiredview; China Times

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