Android contains a “Bouncer”, helps fight malware in the Market

Android has a had a growing security problem, as apps containing malicious viruses and other spyware have made their way to the Android Market, and eventually onto consumer’s phones. Google has noticed, and has apparently had a solution running “for a while now”. It has a codename of “Bouncer”, and does just that. It scans new and existing apps in the Market for known malware and other viruses, as well as checking for other suspicious behavior.

The Bouncer has been doing its job, and Google claims it saw a 40% decrease in malware entering the Market between the first and second halves of last year. Some people may wonder how this is possible, considering that many reports came in around fall of last year about malicious apps on Android. Google thinks these apps were coming from outside sources, and that bad apps in the Market have decreased. We may never know, but it’s good to see that Google is taking the necessary precautions. Do you think Android is safe enough? Is Google doing a good job of preventing malware? Let us know in the comments!

via PhoneDog; Google Mobile Blog

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