Android devices coming the US government and military

The United States of America’s government and military have been looking for a smartphone solution recently, and they have found one that makes the cut. As soon as this year they may begin shipping out phones to US soldiers and government officials featuring a heavily customized and locked down version of Android. While no handsets have been specifically given, they will be commercially available devices featuring that secure version of Android.

The choice of Android came very simply. They needed an OS that could be customized and locked down, so that all the important data that goes in and out of the handsets stays secure. Android met that because it is open source, and the government can tweak it as much as they want. iOS was another contender, but Apple refused to give out the source code. This means that no changes could be made to the OS, and it didn’t meet the standards the governments and military needed. We could see this handsets as soon as this year, and it should be interesting to see what phones are picked.

via Phone Arena; CNN

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