Android@Home may be in testing, found in Google employee’s homes

Google announced Android@Home last year, but just about nothing else has been revealed about it. The service may have finally hit a testing stage however, as a FCC filing reveals that over 250 new connected devices are now in the homes of Google employees. These are supposed Google-made entertainment devices, used to connect to home electronics via Wi-Fi. It sounds awful comparable to Android@Home, but there is currently no way of knowing for sure.

This test project by Google is in one of the first stages, and devices probably won’t show up until at least next year. It’s still good to see that things are moving along, and this could even turn out to be a completely different project. Our best chance would probably be to wait until Google I/O in a couple of months. Who’s excited about Google’s latest project? What do you think it will turn out to be? Let us know in the comments!

via The Verge

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