Are There Too Many Android Phones? [Video]

HTC released 20 Android phones last year. Samsung released over 25. Motorola: 24. How many phones is too many?

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the Android community about the frequency that Android phones are released, at least here in the United States. People are actually complaining that too many android phones are released every year, creating a dizzying array of products that makes it difficult for the average consumer to decide which is best. It’s even been said that “There’s no right time to buy an android phone.

Is this really an issue? Is it fragmentation or differentiation?

As the tech mind in my household, I frequently find myself asked for advice on new purchases, especially phones. As more phones become available, I find myself asking more questions of the buyer to pick the best device, but I haven’t yet found it overwhelming. There will always be questions when the average consumer wants to invest hundreds of dollars in something that they’re not sure if they will like or not.

And how long will they like the device? Will they experience buyer’s remorse and instantly regret their purchase when a newer devices is released weeks later? Or will they continue happily using their brand new phone despite the other offerings?

Best Buy addresses this issue directly in one of the ads for their “Buy Back” program.

I personally really like the choices that I get with a multitute of Android devices available.

What do you think - Is there never a right time to buy an Android phone? Or is there never a WRONG time to buy an Android phone.

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