ASUS TF300T leaked, may be the next Transformer

ASUS has been pumping out their line of Transformer tablets lately, after releasing the Transformer Prime last month and then announcing two new tablets at CES. Above is a leaked picture of what might be next, with a model number of TF300T. This fits with other model names from ASUS, as the original Transformer was TF101, and the Prime with TF201. One of the pictures also features a time stamp of January 19 2012, which means that this is recent and not some prototype from long ago.

One thing different from previous tablets is the back. ASUS has traditionally kept its tablet black, but this one features a textured red back plate. While we don’t think this is the most attractive shade, ASUS may be planning to add more colors to its lineup. This would add more diversity to the tablets, and may reach out to more consumers. Whatever they plan, we hope ASUS will hold up its record of great tablets. Is it too soon for another Transformer? Do you like the new color? Let us know in the comments!

via Androinica

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