ASUS Transformer Prime gets another update

By now, updates for the Transformer Prime by ASUS are pretty common. After all, it’s only been about nine days since the last software update landed on the quad-core tablet. ASUS is working as hard as they can to fix all the issues that owners are reporting, and the only way to do that is to issue software updates to address them.

This latest build is apparently available now for download, as long as you head into the settings and try to pull it down from the cloud. The software build will be pushed up to, and is an incremental update. Android Police found an ASUS Technical Marketing Manager within the XDA forums speaking about the update. Gary Key says that the update is meant to fix the power issues within the tablet, which means that it should go into a “low power state” when it is sleeping, which should help with overall battery life.

If you have the tablet and want to try to get the update yourself, head into Settings –> About tablet –> System firmware update –> and Check update.

via Android Police; XDA

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