ASUS Transformer Prime receives yet another software update

At this point, if you own a Transformer Prime from ASUS, then you’re probably perfectly comfortable getting a notification for a software update. In fact, this update right here, which brings the software build to, is the third update released for the quad-core toting Android-powered tablet this month. All of them are bug and enhancement fixes, but it doesn’t look like ASUS is able to actually nail down what is going on.

This latest update is apparently meant to fix the random reboots that still plague the tablet device. However, without an official changelog to go on here, we’re simply going by what is reported and speculated. The update isn’t very big, and while it updates your build number, there isn’t any word going around that it updates a slew of other things quite yet. In fact, there’s no word if this update directly affects WiFi or GPS, so we’re still waiting to hear anything on that.

You should be able to download the update now, so go ahead and check. Once you get it, let us know if you notice any improvements or differences.

via Android Community

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