ASUS Transformer Prime receiving yet another update to fix bugs

The update situation with the Transformer Prime by ASUS has been a bit crowded. We’ve seen plenty of updates for the quad-core tablet in the past, not least of which was the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But, while the updates were meant to fix the issues plaguing the brand new tablet, it doesn’t look like the updates are actually fixing all of them in one fell swoop. So now we have a report coming down from the depths of XDA that there is yet another update coming in, this one focused on squashing bugs.

First and foremost, the update seems to stop the random rebooting situation that was hindering some tablets out there. While it wasn’t as widespread as some issues, there were still plenty of people out there voicing their opinion on the situation, and ASUS was nice enough to (hopefully) address it. Owners receiving the update are also claiming that it helps with application stability, which should be good news to anyone who is noticing more-than-frequent app crashes while using the tablet.

As far as versions go, we’re looking at a Bluetooth version of 9.26 in the new update, and a WiFi version of We’ll have to wait and see if this update fixes any other issues with the tablet, so stay tuned.

If you received your Transformer Prime update, have you noticed anything else changed? Let us know!

via XDA; Phandroid

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