Barnes and Noble 8GB Nook Tablet available now

It was only yesterday that we reported on a leaked internal Walmart document that showed a new Nook Tablet coming down the pipe. That original document suggested that the “new” tablet would be coming to market on the 22nd of February, which is tomorrow, but it looks like Barnes and Noble wanted to get ahead of the leak. The book seller has officially made the smaller memory version of their Nook Tablet available starting today, for anyone who would like to get their hands on it.

As far as changes go, there are only “less than” here to talk about. The new Nook Tablet features 8GB of storage, down from 16GB on the other model. Additionally, you won’t find 1GB of RAM, as it has been reduce to 512MB. You get all of this for $199.99, or $50 cheaper. So, the new Nook Tablet matches pretty well with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is obviously what Barnes & Noble was going for.

via Barnes and Noble

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