BlackBerry PlayBook being offered free for Android developers who repackage their apps

We learned that RIM would finally be bringing Android apps to their BlackBerry PlayBook, but it didn’t seem like the most exciting offer. They are now offering a deal, and every Android developer who repackages their app and submits it to the Blackberry App World by February 13 will receive a Playbook gratis. By doing this it appears RIM is trying to add more apps to its currently weak App World, and Android apps seemed like the smartest route.

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS may be their last real shot at the phone market, and this is more likely a ploy to get more apps into the App World before BlackBerry 10 ships. By offering a free PlayBook, it should draw in many Android developers. Repackaging is simple enough, and there are multiple methods. It should be noted that developers must remove any reference to Android in their apps, however. Do you think this is a good offer by RIM? Will it bring in developers? Let us know in the comments! Let us know in the comments!

via Android Central

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