Can Acer be successful in the Android phone market?

Acer is a company known for mostly computers, having dabbled in the Android phone market. They’ve even had a mildly successful business in Android tablets, but nothing to write home about. In the phone market, they have launched a few phones under the Liquid brand name. This was a while ago, and the phones tended to be mediocre at best.

Fast forward to now, and we’re hearing that Acer has just won an iF design award for a handset that hasn’t even been announced. Known as the CloudMobile, it is apparently being announced at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month, pegged for a launch in Q3. Someone thinks that the handset is worthy of an award, but I’m not sold yet.

Acer does not have the best reputation in the Android phone market, and that’s what it takes in today’s world. I stick almost exclusively to Samsung handsets, as they have won my brand loyalty. Even if the handset features some top notch specs, who says it’s going to be better than any other handset out there? The phone supposedly features a HD display and Android 4.0, all in a body less than 10mm thick. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus already has all that, and it has been available for well over a month.

On top of that, I would make a hefty bet that the phone will feature a Qualcomm S3 processor. Many swear by Qualcomm silicon, but a phone containing the S3 processor is easily a deal-breaker for me. It’s not that the processor is bad, not by any means. But it is behind the competition in almost every department. I’m spoiled by better processors, and the S3 just doesn’t make the cut in the smoothness department.

Let’s say that Acer actually does create an amazing handset. Who will buy it? How will they build up the fan loyalty that other phone manufacturers currently possess? It will take a strong marketing campaign, along with carrier support in multiple regions. On top of that, Acer will need to keep the phone up-to-date on the latest Android version. They may then have a chance at some of the Android market share.

I would love to see Acer enter the market with a bang, I really would. But I don’t think they could do it. It will all start at Mobile World Congress, when we can finally see a full spec sheet, and some hands-on with the phone. Carriers will need to support the phone, and a low price point will probably be needed. What do you think Acer has in store for its reentry into the phone market? Can they pull off a successful launch? Let us know in the comments!

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