Chrome for Android Beta contains built-in debugging tools, makes life easier for web developers

Web developers are what make the internet happen, and we’re sure that they’ll take anything that makes their job just a little bit easier. Google wants to help, and is now offering a cool new feature within their new Chrome for Android browser. Developers can now use an Android device running Chrome to display the live version of the site they’re developing via their computer. This allows for quick bug fixes, and an overall better experience.

All of this done using the same tools currently available. A phone running Android 4.0 with Chrome for Android is required, along with the Android SDK and Chrome on the desktop side. Then a little bit of setup is required on both sides, but developers should be up and running in no time. Hit the Google Code source link for more information. Any of our readers web developers? Does this sound like a useful feature? Let us know in the comments!

via Google Code; Phandroid

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