Chrome for Android only going to get better and better from here on out

Google is no stranger to putting all of their eggs, or at least a good number of them, in one basket and focusing on a new feature or application for as long as they can. Now that Chrome for Android is a real thing, and people are using the “new” Web Browser on their Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based devices, it’s no surprise to hear that Google is going to continue to focus on the new Browser, and continue to make it better.

In an interview with CNET, Senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai outlined how excited the whole team is to bring Chrome to the Android platform, and how pleased they are that it was adopted so quickly. Perhaps most importantly, though, are two new features that he admits are coming down the pipe for the Browser: to tell Chrome to show you desktop versions of sites by default, as well as full-screen Web browsing.

There’s no time frame yet, but we imagine that Chrome for Android will be one of those applications that sees plenty of updates down the road.

via CNET

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