Clove in the UK stops selling Transformer Prime due to quality issues

The Transformer Prime has had a rough start, plagued with issues like poor GPS performance as well as graphical issues. They are so bad that a manufacturer in the UK known as Clove is ceasing shipments of the tablets. Due to a high rate of customer returns, the retailer believes it needs to test the tablets before selling them to consumers. All pending orders of the tablets have been cancelled, and Clove is planning not to ship any more until their next shipment at the end of the month or early March.

This isn’t good for ASUS, who is denying that the Transformer Prime is even having issues. Once a retailer makes a decision this big, it may start to spread to other sellers. ASUS needs to rethink what they’ve stated, or they could end up in a very bad PR problem. Who owns a Transformer Prime? Are you experiencing performance issues? Let us know in the comments!

via Reghardware

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