Dennis Woodside rumored to be the next CEO of Motorola Mobility

While nothing has been confirmed yet, a report stemming from Bloomberg is suggesting that there is an upcoming shift in CEOs coming to Motorola Mobility. The report, which is sourcing three unnamed entities familiar with the matter, says that soon Sanjay Jha, the current CEO of Motorola Mobility, will be ousted and replaced by one Dennis Woodside.

Woodside is an employee of Google, and has been since 2003 when he initially joined the company. He has held plenty of roles over the years, ranging from Managing Director and Vice President of Google UK and Direct of Business Operations, plus many more. While the move would make sense, and there have been other rumors of other individuals replacing Jha, this move would make the most sense considering Woodside’s long-time track record with Google.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it may not be too long before we have official word.

via Bloomberg

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