Does LG have a chance with the Optimus 4X HD?

We’ve just heard news that LG is bringing a brand new quad-core phone to Mobile World Congress, to be known as the Optimus 4X HD. Featuring a quad-core processor, it may be another first for the world by LG. For those who remember, LG released the Optimus 2X as the first dual-core phone featuring a Tegra 2 processor. It turned out to be more of a dud than anything, and disappointed many. It was LG’s big shot at making a move in the mobile phone market, and they missed it big time.

Next week they are going to release the Optimus 4X HD. Featuring a Tegra 3 processor, it could also become the first quad-core phone to the market. If LG releases it quick enough, it will be. We will no doubt see multiple phones from multiple manufacturers with quad-core processors at Mobile World Congress, but it will be a race to see can release their phone fastest. LG now has another shot, and to succeed they must have a good plan.

First, carrier support is a must. And not just carriers saying they will sell the handset, but actual release dates. It’d be be even better if pre-orders could live within this month, but that seems a little unlikely.

Second, LG needs to have a finished product. One of the main issues with the Optimus 2X and even the G2X was unfinished software. This caused issues for many owners of the handsets, and gave LG a bad name. The 4X HD will need a solid, smooth Android build on it. On top of that, LG will need to keep its handsets up to date as far as software goes. It’s good to see that Ice Cream Sandwich is on board, but we will need to see Jelly Bean when it releases later this year.

The single biggest thing they need is a solid launch. Pricing for the phone needs to be competitive, actual sale of the phone needs to begin as soon as possible, and the phone must be free of hardware and software defects. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 is the processor to have right now, and LG is currently the only manufacturer with an officially announced phone with all that quad-core goodness inside.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of LG phones. They tend to almost copy Samsung, feature sub-par build quality, and feature custom UIs that make me cringe. While not essential, I do want a quad-core phone. Sure, the dual-core OMAP in my Galaxy Nexus is plenty, but with high-end games on the horizon for Android, I’m going to need all the power I can get. What do you think of the Optimus 4X HD? Does LG have a real chance at the Android market? Let us know in the comments!

image via Pocketnow

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