DROID Fighter and LG Cayman for Verizon find their names listed on leaked device workshop list

For those of you under Verizon’s wing, you may be wondering when the next big phone release is. It’s no secret that Big Red has been pretty quiet as of late, keeping whatever new phones are coming down the pipe (which are rumored to be plenty) under a pretty tight wrap. Well, thanks to a leak sent over to Droid-Life, it looks like we can start to expect at least two new devices coming down the pipe.

The LG Cayman and DROID Fighter. There is absolutely no information on either one of these devices at this point, but rumors suggest that the DROID Fighter could be either the HTC-branded Incredible-looking device we’ve seen in the past, or could be the often rumored HTC Fireball. Or, it could be something completely different. The sheer fact that the device workshops list doesn’t say who the manufacturer for the DROID Fighter is seems strange, especially considering every other device on the list has a manufacturer listed.

Either way, we’re reaching out to see if we can ascertain any information about either handset. IF we learn anything, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

via Droid-Life

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