Dropbox for Android Beta gets a new build, adds plenty of new features and extra free space

The Dropbox for Android application is a great app for anyone out there who wants to be able to store information, images, and documents in the cloud, and have easy access to it wherever you go. The company has released a brand new build of the Dropbox for Android Beta, and with it comes plenty of new features, as well as the incentive to gain some potentially much needed extra free space.

Here is how it works. If you adopt the Beta right out of the gate, you can earn up to 5GB of extra space. Once you update to the Beta build, which is Dropbox version 2.0.9, you’ll earn an extra 500MB of space for every 500MB of data you upload into your account. As a bonus, you can reach that goal no matter how you upload your important files to your account, whether it’s the Android or PC-based application.

There are new features in store, too. You’ll get access to a brand new Camera Upload feature, which will automatically upload images into your Dropbox, which will work whether you’re on your network’s data network, or on a WiFi connection. The new version also supports the abilty to resume an upload even if there is a network interruption in there. There are plenty of other new features in there, so go ahead and head through the source link below to learn more.

via Dropbox

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