French court charges Google for market dominance with Maps

The French judicial system has found Google guilty of using its market dominance to destroy smaller competitors with Google Maps. In simpler terms, when Google launched Maps it had a default base market that others couldn’t compete with, and they now have to pay. €500,000 will go to Google Maps competitor Bottin Cartographs, and another €15,000 fine. This isn’t the first case with an issue like this, but it’s hitting Google hard.

As tech companies gain more and more market share, the smaller start-ups will automatically get pushed out by the lager corporations own services. Google Maps is just one example, as every phone with Android 2.0 or higher features the navigation service. This leaves smaller competitors like Bottin Cartographs out of luck. On one hand, it’s good that the courts are stepping in, but the damages was a bit outrageous. Do you think companies like Google should be sued for this? Do start-ups even stand a chance anymore? Let us know in the commentS

via Android Police

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