Google also testing a “next generation personal communication device”

An FCC filing has revealed that Google isn’t just resting on their laurels while testing a future home entertainment center. No, the search giant is also busy testing other devices, too, which apparently includes a “next generation personal communication device.” Unfortunately, while we could sit here and guess what that could possibly mean, there aren’t many details known about the device quite yet.

The FCC filing does give us some information, though. For example, we know the device –whatever it is– will feature both Bluetooth connectivity, as well as WiFi. Groundbreaking, we know, but that’s pretty much everything and anything we have on whatever this “next-gen” device could be. Also in the filing, Google is requesting to test 102 units of this new device in different spots within the United States.

Google’s new device is listed as being in the prototype phase, and outlines that the testers will need to be connected to a home Internet connection in order to test the device. The filing states that Google staffers in New York, Cambridge, Los Angeles and Mountain View will be taking part in testing this new device, whatever it may be. Suggestions from SlashGear assume that it could be connected to Google’s future fiber plans, such as an at-home peripheral for Google Voice. Or, it could be further FCC filings for those HUD-equipped Smart Glasses that we have heard about in the past.

Whatever the case, Google is certainly expanding in their plans, so it will be interesting to see what the search giant actually unveils this year, or what disappears into the realm of “what could have been.” Let’s hope we see whatever this next-gen device is sooner than later.

via SlashGear

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