Google building an Experience Center for the Googleplex

Google has some expensive plans for its Googleplex headquarters, and will be adding a new experience to its already massive complex. The addition will cost a huge $120 million, and includes some exciting new stuff. There will be one or more testing labs, mostly for Google’s latest @home initiative. We wouldn’t be surprised if some other, more secret projects were added, but it’s good to see that Google is giving proper support to all of its projects.

VIPs and other potential Google customers will also be in for a treat, as a 120,000 square foot museum of sort will be added. It will be highly adaptable, and is suggested that the usage of the area will be ever changing. The hub will be used to showcase some of Google’s latest products, and will be run much like a museum. Google’s new complex sounds very impressive, but we aren’t sure how much more we’ll hear about the facility. Would you like to see the Googleplex? What would you do to go in the new Experience Center? Let us know in the comments!

via SlashGear; Mercury News

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