Google Drive to compete with Dropbox, provide storage to all

Dropbox has been a huge success, offering cloud storage almost anywhere on a variety of platforms. It has caused the launch of many more start-ups, as well as other companies attempting to enter the same space. Google, one of the kings of the cloud, isn’t going to let them stand alone. A new rumor by the The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google may be launching a similar service, to be named Google Drive.

The service will be able to store documents, photos, and videos with Google, yet there is no mention of other file types. While it is said to be launching soon, not much more is known beyond that. Pricing is probably one of the most important factors, but nothing has been given. If we had to guess, we would think that Google would offer a couple gigabytes free, but a small fee charged for higher amounts of storage. This is the scheme Dropbox currently uses, and it is working well.

With Google offering so many services and the army of mobile phones known as Android, this could be a great opportunity for tight integration. It could also make Chrome OS much more useful, considering current devices don’t offer more than 16GB of on board storage. We’ll have to see how Google plays its cards, but this does seem like a market Google could compete in. Would you use Google Drive? Are you already too invested in another service? Let us know in the comments!

via The Wall Street Journal

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