Google glasses with a built-in HUD leaked, may change how we see forever

There have been rumblings that Google may be releasing a pair of high tech glasses over the past few months, and we now have much more information. It has been said that these glasses will run Android, and feature last-gen Android phone specs. This means that they will most likely feature a single-core processor and a smaller amount of RAM. They will be made as a standalone device, not something to compliment an Android smartphone. Also included are voice input and output, along with smartphone capabilities.

The glasses are may feature a single HUD (heads up display) in one eye, not something like a transparent OLED display as the lens. They may look somewhat like Oakley’s Thump glasses, and will use a whole new way to control the UI. Subtle movements of the head will control navigation of the UI, and are said to come as “second nature”, and “almost indistinguishable to outside users”. Google may launch a pilot program much like they did with the CR-48 as a way to get the glasses into the field before launching it. We may see them soon, but Google is unsure if they want to launch the program.

Google could be really onto something here, as the idea of using glasses running Android could be very appealing to some. It could also turn into a simple gimmick, as it does seem impractical. We have a few concerns onto how the UI would work, as well as text input. We just have to hope that Google will tell us something about it, and we might be even hear something about it at Google I/O. It’s all rumors until then, but the chances do seem likely. Would you buy Android-powered glasses? Is it just another gimmick? Let us know in the comments!

via 9to5Google

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