Google may change the way we search on a touchscreen device, thanks to new ‘continuous gesture’ patent application

While there are quick ways to search from a phone, the way we implement copy and paste isn’t always that great. Trying to copy and paste a long word from the browser, for example, may be a hassle depending on your situation. It’s all relative, of course, to what’s going on at the moment, or what you’re trying to do. If a new patent application is any indicator as to what Google has planned, it looks like they not only feel your pain, but want to make it a bit easier, too.

But, of course, for something to be “easier,” it also has to look good and be intuitive all at the same time, or it wouldn’t have that natural Google flare. And that’s where this ‘continuous gesture’ patent application comes in. Let’s say you want to copy and paste a word, a long word that happens to be in another language for instance, and then put it into a search engine. Well, this new patent application outlines a way that you could actually draw a letter on the screen, and then circle what you want to search for. Specifically, you could draw a G on the screen, circle the word or phrase you want to search for in Google, and there you go.

The idea broadens when you think about writing a “W” on the display, circling something, and then searching for that word or phrase in Wikipedia. Theoretically, with this kind of patent and technology, you could trigger any number of sites with a drawn letter, making the whole process both fun to watch and implement, while also being useful.

There’s no telling if this new idea will ever come to Android, but if Google is serious about it, we don’t see why not.

via Patently Apple

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