HP TouchPad had Android kernel developed internally, released by HP themselves

Remember hearing about a few of HP’s TouchPads shipping with Android instead of webOS? It turns out there was quite a bit more of a story to that, as it appears that HP had an internal team developing Android for the TouchPad all along. Out of the kindness of their hearts, HP has given that very Android kernel they developed to the CyanogenMod team. It also appears that the kernel has nothing to do with the webOS kernel, showing that HP may have had plans to launch the TouchPad with Android before their acquisition of Palm.

It’s not everyday we hear about a story like this, but it makes you wonder. Maybe other companies like RIM have experimented with Android. Somewhere, on one of the computers at their headquarters, maybe, just maybe there is a version of Android that is made to run on the PlayBook. This is all just a simple theory, but if HP tried it, others probably have as well.

From the CyanogenMod team’s standpoint, this is looking great. Certain areas of the ports to the TouchPad can now be filled, creating a much better user experience. Hopefully all the bugs will get worked out, and the TouchPad may be capable of running as smoothly as a tablet like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The next few months will hold the solution, as an official build of CyanogenMod 9 for the TouchPad can’t be too far off. What do you think of HP releasing the kernel? Do you think other companies have experimented with Android? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Community; RootzWiki

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