HP TouchPad with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2 brings plenty of fixes to the tablet

During the fire sale of the TouchPad by HP, there was plenty of people who bought the tablet. It was only made more necessary for some people to own it because of Android, which was being put onto the dead device. Now that that effort has continued, and the support community has done their very best to make the Android experience on the tablet worthwhile, even more features are being plugged in for the owner’s pleasure.

This time around, with the second Alpha build for CyanogenMod 9 on the TouchPad, we’ve got plenty of video playback fixes in store. You’ll get HTTP livestreaming, which means that you’ll have access to Netflix on the TouchPad. It’s a great addition, to be sure. With efforts moving this quickly, we’re excited to see what comes next.

via RootzWiki; thanks, D!

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