HP’s CEO thinks that Google’s acquisition of Motorola will lead to a closed-source Android

Earlier today HP’s CEO Meg Whitman appeared at the HP Global Partner Conference, and she brought some words of the phone market. For those unfamiliar, HP open-sourced the dead webOS, and is now hoping that it will gain some traction. Whitman thinks that webOS will once again have a place in the phone market within the next 2-5 years, and thinks it may even replace Android.

She claims that since Google acquired Motorola, it will lead to Android becoming a closed-source operating system. Once that happens, she believes that webOS will become the next big open-source mobile operating system. These claims seem to be a little off, but we’ll let her say whatever she wants. What do you think is next for Android? Could webOS replace Android? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Central; PC World

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