HTC admits that LTE phones failed in specs and design, promises to turn things around

There’s no denying that 2011 wasn’t the best year for HTC, even if the company did launch plenty of different handsets, and the fourth quarter was especially less-than-satisfactory. Earlier this morning, HTC had their earnings call and Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung has decided to clear the air, and elaborate on why he thinks things started to slump for the company.

And Yung points the finger at the company’s LTE phones. Yung stated that they “dropped the ball” with their selection of LTE phones. The devices were bulky, and Yunc conceded that they failed on a design and specifications level. That’s probably the worst possible place to “drop the ball,” and there’s no way to deny that that probably had everything to do with the company’s slipping from the top-spot in the Android world.

But the company is looking to turn things around this year, starting with Mobile World Congress. With the next product cycle, HTC is hoping to take all that negativity and turn it around, and turn it around for the better. Let’s hope that whatever new devices HTC has in store, like the Ville, will truly turn things around, and HTC can climb back up towards the top.

via Engadget; SlashGear

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