HTC EVO Shift 4G software update set to kick off on February 7

If you happen to own the EVO Shift 4G by HTC for Sprint, then we’ve got some good news for you. Well, Sprint has some good news for you, we’re just passing it along. A software update is on its way to the device, as long as you can hold out until February 7th. The software update will bring your version up to 2.77.651.3, and it’s meant to not only add some bug and enhancement fixes, but as well as improve a key element of the device.

You’re looking at an update that will primarily feature a security update to the device, which will more than likely address any lingering Carrier IQ elements on the device. The Peep client on the handset is also getting updated, which will allow for the app to better connect with your Twitter account. And finally, perhaps most importantly, is the update to the battery, which should help improve its performance.

You can head through the source link to learn more.

via Sprint

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