HTC Jewel rumored to be headed to Sprint

To say that it has been awhile since a high-end HTC-branded Android device has landed on Sprint’s network would be an understatement. It’s been almost a year since a device was announced fitting that description. But now it looks like it may change here soon, if a new rumor pans out.

According to a new story from Pocketnow, there is a new device coming down the pipe headed right for Sprint’s shelves. The report suggests that the device, rumored to be called the HTC Jewel, will feature an HD display much like the one that’s available on the One X, and will also be able to connect to Sprint’s LTE network. Other than that, there isn’t much known.

While we would love to have any additional information, it looks like we’ll have to take what we can get for the time being. It has been way too long since a high-end HTC device launched on Sprint’s network, so let’s hope this turns out to be true.

via PhoneDog; Pocketnow

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