HTC One X may be making its way to T-Mobile as the G4x, just without Sense 4

Way back in 2008 T-Mobile released a phone known as the G1. As it turns out, that phone was the first to run Android. Back then, there was no such thing as custom UI skins, like Sense or TouchWiz (at least not on Android), and the phone ran sotck Android, just as Google intended it to be. It was the beginning of a line of phones for T-Mobile, known as the ‘G’ series. That series has turned into more phones, such as the G2 and G2X. What makes the line so unique is the fact that every phone runs completely stock Android, with maybe a piece or two of bloatware.

We may know what phone is next in line for the series, as a new rumor states that the HTC One X may become a ‘G’ series phone. It was just announced at Mobile World Congress, and features HTC’s latest version of Sense, Sense 4. T-Mobile’s version would drop the Sense, and stock Ice Cream Sandwich would be running the show. On top of that, it may feature the quad-core Tegra 3 processor instead of the dual-core Snapdragon S4 the AT&T version has on board.

All of this turns into quite the interesting handset, which could be dubbed the ‘G4x’. It would make sense considering the phone would have a quad-core processor. Everything at this point is a huge rumor, as we have little to back it up. Now that you know that, feel free to get excited over what may be Magenta’s first quad-core Android handset. Who’s excited for the G4x? Do you prefer stock Android to something like Sense? Let us know in the comments!

via TmoNews; Android and Me

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