HTC rumored to receive PlayStation Certification later this year, sources claim

In the land of Android, differentiation is a major point of contest. Companies strive to create proprietary software to stand out, compared to other manufacturer’s custom user interfaces. For Sony, which has recently acquired Ericsson’s share in a multi-year deal, bringing their PlayStation games to their branded phones made sense, and for anyone serious about mobile gaming this acted as a one-stop shop for finding in-depth titles previously only seen on a home platform.

But it looks like Sony may not be wanting to keep that PlayStation Certification specifically to their devices any longer. A new report coming out of Pocket-lint, speaking with their own inside sources, claims that HTC will be next in line to get access to those previously untouchable titles, bringing a new level of gaming to HTC’s Android-based devices. The report suggests that an announcement will be made later this year, but no specific dates are provided. Others suggest that an announcement could be made at the next big mobile-focused show, Mobile World Congress, which is set to take place later this month, but that seems unlikely.

Whether or not this is true, the rumor is certainly interesting. While PlayStation Certified games were both a major selling point, yet not a feature that necessarily moved more phones out of stores, it might be enough of a feature to bring HTC forward in their earning numbers for 2012. With the focus on creating fewer devices, and focusing more on quality rather than quantity, this could be one way that HTC attacks major niche markets within the Android world, and does their best at offering top-tier products.

via Pocket-lint

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