HTC Ville, Samsung Blaze 4G and Huawei Prism found in leaked T-Mobile document

Our buddies over at TmoNews are bringing some great things to look forward to from T-Mobile, as they have just received a newly leaked document. Within the document is a mentions of the HTC Ville, Samsung Blaze 4G and Huawei Prism. We’ve heard plenty about the Ville, and it’s expected to be one of T-Mobile’s next high-end handsets. We should see more of it at Mobile World Congress next week, but it’s good to see more confirmation that it’s coming to T-Mobile.

The Blaze 4G is a little different, as we already knew that it was coming to T-Mobile. For the Huawei Prism, we have no idea what it is. For all we know it could be a mobile hotspot, but hopefully it’s something running our favorite operating system, Android. What do you think the Prism is? Are you excited for the Ville? Let us know in the comments!

via TmoNews

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