Is it wise for Sony to allow PlayStation-certified HTC handsets?

Sony may be thinking of giving out its exclusive PlayStation-certification to other manufacturers, something that may change the Android gaming market Sony has had some of its handsets (most notably the Xperia Play) PlayStation-certified. Through this they have gained exclusive games, and even some ports of old PlayStation One games. Android has not been known for its games, but Sony has been determined to level the playing field.

Then news comes that HTC may be getting some of its new handsets PlayStation-certified. This would be a break on one exclusive feature that Sony has had, and could turn into both a good and a bad thing for Sony. Sony may be able to sell more games, which would lead to a smaller amount of sales. But if the games were no longer exclusive, some mobile gamers might buy a HTC handset over a Sony one, leading to less sales for Sony.

The Xperia Play was one of the only handsets Sony has offered over the past few years that I’ve actually looked at twice. In fact, I’ve debated over using my upgrade to get the AT&T version for cheap. The handset offers exclusive games, and is an overall solid Android handset. With it losing one of the best features, I would probably turn to a HTC handset instead.

HTC used to be my favorite phone manufacturer. A few years ago, they offered cutting edge hardware and software on the Android front. Now, I’m a Samsung guy, as HTC has fallen behind. Their handsets all look the same, with Sense 3.0 and above offering some one of the worst and most lag-filled experiences on a modern Android handset. Add horrible battery life, and they’ve lost another customer.

By adding PlayStation-certification, I might actually consider buying a HTC handset. There have been multiple games I’ve been dying to try, and PlayStation is the way to go on Android. It may sound silly, but mobile gaming has become something I’m seriously interested in. Sure, it may not offer the same quality of graphics that my gaming PC does, but they can still offer fun gameplay and be a great time

Would you buy a HTC phone if it was PlayStation-certified? Is this a smart move on Sony’s part? Let us know in the comments!

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