LG Optimus LTE for TELUS has full pricing list leaked online

It’s been a week since we initially heard about the Optimus LTE by LG heading to TELUS in Canada, and tomorrow marks the big launch day for the carrier. We know that the LTE-equipped Optimus is one of the devices being given the green light to bring access to TELUS’ 4G LTE network, but what we were missing were exact pricing details.

That has changed with a leak heading into Mobilesyrup. The image you’re seeing above was sent from an anonymous source, detailing the full pricing breakdown for the upcoming launch. If you’re wanting to grab this phone without adding a contract, you’ll be looking at a $629.99 price tag. Moving from the bottom, if you want a one-year contract, the price drops to $579.99; a two-year contract moves the handset’s price to $529.99; and the three-year standard pricing is $299.99. But, there’s a promotional offer going on right from the start for anyone who signs that three-year contract, which will get you the Optimus LTE for only $99.99.

So if you’re wanting to jump on board TELUS’ next-generation network, it looks like the sooner the better for the best pricing.

via Mobilesyrup

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