LTE Motorola XOOM receiving minor update, not quite Ice Cream Sandwich

Owners of the Motorola XOOM on Verizon Wireless have a new update to look forward to, as a software update is about to be pushed out. Before you get too excited, it is nothing more than a couple extra features for international users. If you were looking for Ice Cream Sandwich, move along, there is nothing to see here. If you’re still interested, the update (HLK75H) is about to be pushed out to all tablets running on Verizon’s 4G waves.

After the update, the tablet will become capable of dual International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI). Also included is a bug fix, allowing data connections to be restored upon exiting Airplane Mode. We know, not the most exciting update, but it’s sure to make the few users who use the tablet internationally just a little bit happier. Now Motorola just needs to push out that little Ice Cream Sandwich update, and the tablet should be set. Are you receiving the latest update on your XOOM? Tell us about it in the comments!

via Android Police; Verizon

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