Meg Whitman thinks Android will become closed-source, would Google ever let that happen?

Almost two years ago HP bought Palm, the creators of the webOS. They had big plans, like adding the software to all of their computers, and even putting it onto printers. Things didn’t unfold like they originally planned. They decided to throw it in for the project, and webOS was no more. A few months later, it was announced that the OS would go open source, using the same model as our much loved little green robot, Android.

HP’s CEO Meg Whitman appeared at HP’s Global Partners Conference, and the subject of webOS came up. She stated that she believes it will begin an ecosystem, much like what Android and iOS have today. She also said that it will take some time for everything to set in place. Finally, she gave a few words on the competition. She thinks that the buyout of Motorola by Google will change the OS, essentially making it closed-source.

That’s not going to happen. I will bet you all of my money, my cat, and even my shiny new Nexus that Google would never make a move like that. There’s a reason Google even bought Android in the first place: to get users to use their services.

Google has created AOSP for a reason. Through open-sourcing the OS, they are just letting money fly into their pockets. They may not make it up front, but over time it is well worth the investment. The purchase of Motorola wasn’t to change the operating system, and Google has even stated it will not make a difference in the development of Nexus devices. Motorola is still on its own, and will most likely continue their own separate Android development. With the buyout, they can now share all of their patents with Google, keeping Android safe.

But the buyout of Motorola is being taken way too seriously. Sure, Motorola may get some early access perks, but the buyout was to prevent Google from being sued. Motorola currently has a huge patent portfolio, and Google wants to keep itself safe from some trolls competitors like Apple. It will not cause Google to close-source Android.

If that happened, the whole purpose of Android would be defeated. Sales numbers would drop, and Google’s services would not receive as much usage as before. To even make a claim like that somewhat shatters the credibility of Meg Whitman, as she obviously doesn’t know her competitors strategies. I hope webOS becomes popular, as there can be two open-source operating systems. When you think about it, there’s already two closed-sourced ones currently available; Windows Phone 7 and iOS.

Meg Whitman should reassess what’s going on in the mobile market before she makes more claims like that, because Google isn’t headed down that path anytime soon. What do you think? What’s in the future for Android? Let us know in the comments!

via PC World

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