Moneto microSD cards now available, bringing NFC to Android phones

Last month we reported of a service called moneto, offering a microSD card that brought NFC capabilities to many Android phones. Considering only a few devices are capable these days, it could be a very useful feature for many users. By simply downloading an app and sticking in the card, the phone is good to go. The service is now available, costing only $29.95.

Currently only HTC handsets are supported, but that should change in the future. When you pay the $30 up front, it does include a decent deal. The card offers 1GB of storage, there’s a NFC signal boosting sticker included, and the app comes with $10 pre-loaded. Not a bad deal at all, as most phones that this will be used for don’t have NFC built in. Everything is run through an app available via the Android market, providing access to MasterCard’s PayPass. Who’s interested in moneto? Is NFC even worth it? Let us know in the comments!

via Droid-Life; Moneto

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