Motorola Cliq 2 for T-Mobile set to receive Gingerbread update

Apparently it’s about time for old devices, handsets that most people probably don’t even think about anymore, to get updated to a “new” version of Android. New for the device, anyway. And now it is T-Mobile USA’s turn, as we’ve just learned that the Cliq 2 by Motorola is next in line to receive an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

As always, Motorola is gearing up for a soak test for the Cliq 2. The manufacturer is looking for 1,000 owners out there to test the update before they issue the public launch, and they began their search yesterday via the community forums for the device. You can sign up to learn more through the Motorola link below.

There’s no telling how much longer until the final Gingerbread build lands for anyone out there who owns the Cliq 2, but we don’t imagine it will be too much longer.

via TMoNews; Motorola

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