Nokia N9 with Ice Cream Sandwich demoed on video

Last week we showed you the Nokia N9, a popular phone in its own right due to the outstanding hardware, running the latest and greatest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.0. But, while pictures are said to speak a thousand words, plenty of people wanted to see the software running on video, and now that has finally come to fruition.

Developer Alexey Roslyakov has put together a nice little demonstration of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nokia N9. Shockingly enough, as we mentioned in the first article, Roslyakov has managed to get the N9 to dual-boot. He halts the loading of MeeGo, the N9′s original operating system, by pressing the volume UP button. Once he does that, then Android 4.0 gets the moment under the spotlight.

With Android 4.0.3 on the device, as soon as it can get settled down and working correctly, the N9 might be a demanded phone all over again. An early Alpha build is coming at some point in the future, so it will be interesting to see where this development goes and how stable it becomes. You can watch the video below.

via SlashGear

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