NVIDIA announcing quad-core phones at Mobile World Congress, press invite suggests

With ASUS’ Transformer Prime on the market, NVIDIA now has the title for first quad-core tablet. Next on their list would presumably be phones, and it looks like they’re planning to reveal just that at Mobile World Congress later this month. Press invites have just been sent out, claiming that NVIDIA will be bringing another quad-core first. In the picture included, it shows a man on a roller coaster with his phone. What does this translate to? The announcement of the first quad-core phone.

Now the only mystery remains is what device(s) will be announced. It has been pointed out that the device on the invite looks very similar to the HTC Incredible 2, suggesting that it may be a phone with the same traits. We think it may just be whatever phone the marketing company who made the invite had on hand, but we could be proved wrong. It does seem likely that HTC will be the manufacturer of the first quad-core phone, as many rumors over the months have suggested they may launch a handset featuring NVIDIA’s Tegra 3.

Until the end of the month when Mobile World Congress finally starts, it is all speculation. What manufacturer do you think will launch the first quad-core phone? What other specs do you think it will include? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Central

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