Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint gets hint towards Ice Cream Sandwich update

Since the launch of the Epic 4G Touch by Samsung for Sprint, the question on owner’s minds has always been: when will we be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? Sprint has said in the past that they will be working harder to get Android software updates out to owners in a more timely manner, we’ve yet to see an update on the future software upgrade for the high-end smartphone.

But that could be changing very soon, thanks to a UA Profile that was discovered online. The information provided within the profile suggests that build number FB10 is coming to the device in the future, and suggestions point it as being coupled with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, we’re still waiting for an official announcement, from either Samsung or Sprint.

We know that the international version of the Galaxy S II is set to receive its update to the latest iteration of the Android mobile OS probably in March, so the hope is that the US-based versions will see the update sometime around then. Keep in mind there are any number of versions that make it into profiles such as this, and there’s no way of telling, at this very moment, if this particular build will be the one to carry Ice Cream Sandwich over to the Epic 4G Touch.

via XDA

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