Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon gets Android 4.0.4 leaked online

While most people wait to hear about an impending update to their device courtesy of the Internet, some lucky individuals just manage to get an update before anyone even knows there’s an update to be had. That’s what happened to one lucky individual. An owner of a Galaxy Nexus by Samsung for Verizon, found within the Android Central forums, was lucky enough to get the update notification on their device.

After some community interaction, the software update, which is build IMM30B, has been made public. You’ll have to have a rooted Galaxy Nexus to get your hands on it, and be willing to add a custom ROM to your device, but it will get you the latest version of Android for your device. There’s no word from Verizon when this update will be made available to non-rooted phone owners, and there’s no changelog of the update yet, either.

via PhoneDog; Android Central; XDA

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