Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white coming to Verizon, will offer 16GB of storage

A new rumor suggests that Verizon may be adding a white version of the popular Galaxy Nexus to its lineup. Not only will it feature a new color, but a different storage option and price as well. The silver version of the device currently sells for $299 on contract, and contains 32GB of storage. Verizon may bring in the new white version, which features 16GB of storage and a lower price point of $199. That low of a price competes with other high-end Verizon handsets such as the DROID RAZR and DROID 4.

This could allow some differentiation, and users who would like to go for a cheaper phone could get it. But it would also mean that anyone who would want the white version with 32GB couldn’t get it, and vice-versa with the silver version. We’ll have to see what Verizon does, but the white version can’t be too far away. Would you buy the white version of the Galaxy Nexus? Is the silver version worth more? Let us know in the comments!

via Droid-Life

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